Thinking about relocating from South Africa to the United Kingdom?

Relocation is never an easy decision and can be daunting and even stressful at times. Many South Africans have already made the move and have had both good and bad experiences in making the move.

Learning from those experiences, the SA2UK site was created to arm you with the right information to hopefully make your move a relatively painless process.

The SA2UK site will walk you through the step by step requirements of moving to the UK including visa information, planning your big move, and getting settled into your new life by helping with such things as finding a job and accommodation, opening a bank account, as well as the UK healthcare system. After reading through this information, you should be all set to move.

Guidance for those who qualify and are looking to emigrate from South Africa to the United Kingdom.


Helping you to plan for when you leave South Africa and head for the United Kingdom.

Arriving in the UK

Some of the most important things you will need to do when you arrive in the United Kingdom.

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Recruitment and Job Search

You may have secured a job prior to arriving in the United Kingdom, or you may need to seek work once you have settled. So this page should to give you some guidance on recruitment and working in the United Kingdom.

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Settled in the UK

Time to enjoy the United Kingdom now that you are settled, and make it your home.

Some South African recipes to remind you of home and also some British recipes to enjoy

We at SA2UK wish you everything of the best, for the future, in your new country!