Time to enjoy the United Kingdom now that you are settled, and make it your home.

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Questions asked on our facebook group

Questions asked on our Facebook Group

We get many questions asked on our Facebook group and although a lot of experiences are shared to help those asking questions, the posts can sometimes get lost along the way, and the same questions pop up again.

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Free cycle

Freebies and Bargains

If you are starting off in the United Kingdom and are on a shoestring budget, there are many places on the net that have some great freebies and bargains.

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money in hand

Money Savings

This is a guide to give you a bit of guidance and also some helpful links on money savings for when you are settled in the United Kingdom.

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Explore the uk

Explore the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom offers some of the best scenery in the entire world. That is just one of the reasons why so many people visit it on holiday each year and explore the United Kingdom

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Don’t assume others in your life know the information you have read here. Tell friends and family and together many can be protected.

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Its our turn

It’s Our Turn

It’s our turn, dedicated to all those South Africans who went through the huge task of moving across from South Africa to the United Kingdom.

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