Fun Activities and Experiences

There are many fun activities to keep you busy in the UK
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There are so many fun activities and experiences to do in the United Kingdom all year round.

Horse riding

Fun activities horse riding

For horse lovers, those that enjoy horse riding, beginner or advanced, there are some lovely horse riding experiences where you can have an unforgettable day out on horse back and enjoy the beautiful countryside.

There are also places where you can have horse riding lessons, or if you enjoy the competative side, there are various equestrian events around the United Kingdom.

Motorsport experiences

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For those who enjoy the thrill and spills of motor racing, there are various motor racing experiences available.

The UK also has some exciting motorsport events that take place around the United Kingdom.



Golf is enjoyed by many for several reasons. It’s versatile, offers a chance to connect with other players, it’s physically demanding but still relaxing, no round is ever the same, and one can’t deny the beauty of golf courses.

If you enjoy playing golf, here are a few fun facts about this popular sport.

  • Golf was invented in Scotland
  • Tiger Woods Made His First Hole-in-One at Eight Years Old
  • Tiger Woods Won 81 PGA Tournaments
  • The First Round of Women’s Golf Was Played in 1811
  • Golf was banned  three times in Scotland between the years of 1457 and 1744, because the government believed it interfered with military training.
  • Golf Balls Were Originally Made of Feathers and Leather

Some of the popular golf courses in the UK

golf course

Boat tours

boat tours

Why not take a river cruises or boat tour across the UK. An enjoyable way to relax and see the sights.

Water sports

water sports

Maybe you fancy some water sports? Water sports are a great form of exercise because it works almost every part of your body, helping you burn calories the natural way.

Mountain climbing


You might want to try your hand at mountain climbing. Being out in the fresh air while you enjoy the experience of climbing some of the United Kingdoms’ beautiful hills and mountains. Or maybe try some adventure climbing.

Flying and hot air balloon experiences

hot air baloon

For those who love doing their sight seeing from up in the sky, there are various experiences such as flying, helicopter rides and hot air balloon trips.

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